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About us

Our team

This is our core team - our magic little foursome which does the work of twenty.
We are dedicated, multi-tasking, open-minded and kind-hearted.
United in spirit and work ethic.  Funnier when exhausted.


Alison Damianou

Founder & Creative Director

Al= is the mama of the Meet Market, as well as 2 hyperactive little boys.  She’s a bad-ass-boss-bitch with lots of lists to help keep track of the ins and outs of each month’s market and stay organized.  Armed with the philosophy that a leader shows the way with actions, rather than with words, you can find her running around the markets with invoices and duck tape, or at the headquarters in front of her computer, mother boarding. Yes, she likes to keep a tight ship as they say, which is a fitting analogy, considering Greece has 13,780 km of coast line.

Yannis Melikoglou

Co-Founder & Circuit Boarder

If J. Melik had a super power, it would be to charge electric currents through everything he touches. And that is exactly what he’s being doing since the very first Meet Market event, setting up all the lights, sound system, speakers, cables, multi plugs and extension cords. A gentle yet effective modern-day Ranaissance man, Melik dibbles and dabbles in a multitude of professions when his not circuit boarding the Meet Market, including djing, vinly pressing, and running a perfectly panoramic bar-gallery called Monolithos in Anafi, the epic & tiny island where he is from.

"Team spelled backwards is meat. Meat is a homophone to meet. Meet is the other half of market.  So team = meet market. Simple."

Alison Damianou

Katerina Kapasouri

E-shop Manager & Digital Director

Katerina Kapasouri a.k.a Souri is the digital director of the Meet Market team - bringing the IRL experience to the URL realm.  She's the lovely lady that helped this e-shop come to life through her competent content coordination and mighty managerial mojo.  A  CMS lover and always cool as a cucumber, Katerina is a pisces who loves flowers, chocolate chip cookies and she totally lives for the Summer.  You can also find her at the central cash info point at our physical events, ready to serve you with her usual coolness. 

Nektarios Athanosopoulos

Production Ninja

With Uncle Neck on the team, there is never a dull moment, or a job left undone. Indeed, this larger than life diamond of a man has a face, personality, style and work ethic that cannot be forgotten or replaced. During the Meet Markets, you can find him literally anywhere and everywhere, and sometimes, in multiple places at once!… on top of a ladder fixing our banners, spinning early 90’s hip hop behind the decks, on the ground lying electrical tape to make sure all is safe, and at the central cash/info point where he is most certainly going to grab you and your attention and ask you to play our interactive game. 

Flora Tretsi

Marketing & Communication Manager

Flora is our newest member on the team but her light and presence are already making a difference here at the headquarters.  With a background in communications and social media management, her skills in pr and marketing are marking the meet market markedly.  Although Flora is an island girl with a mixture of Corfiat and Folegandrian blood, she has a deep love for the Athens city center.  She loves cooking for her friends, singing in her gospel choir and playing the accordion.


Noetik Crew

Website Development & Design

Noetik is the brilliant team responsible for building and designing our beautiful website and the functionality for this whole entire e-shop.  Founder of Noetik, Dimitri Tsoukakis and his crew build many great custom websites and software, but this is clearly their best one.  Not only are they good at their job, but they are also a dream to work with, combining technical and creative skills with excellent and personable customer service and endless hours of coding and patience. Added bonus of working with Noetik: they have a ping pong table in their office.

George Ilias

Metaverse Mentor

Business mentor, digital director, plant whisperer, DJ and new father George Ilias is the hidden gem of our team.  He's there behind the scenes at all our e-commerce meetings making sure we are going in the right direction, offering his valuable wisdom in all the right places.  Now and then, he also graces us with his musical presence at various Meet Market events, covering a wide range of musical genres from his extensive record collection. 

Thanos Papadopoulos


Father of twins, Thanos is incredibly good at multi-tasking and making people pose. We asked him to write something about himself and this is what he came up with: “Thanos Padadopoulos, otherwise known as the omniscient man, is a unique case in history of contemporary photography and physics. After some experiments with quantum theory, Thanos managed to locate and communicate with his multiple selves in various parallel universes. This resulted in his ability to take photographs without a camera, because all other Thanos’ were already photographing all moments at all times.”  .... do you see why we need this guy on our team?

Eleni Kastanioti

Legal Advisor

Eleni is our trusted Meet Market lawyer who has a magical ability to make long, boring legal texts interesting and exciting.  Armed with a thorough understanding of terms, conditions, protocol and policies, she has written each and every contractual document on the Meet Market platform.  A woman of many talents, Eleni's uses both her brain and her body each and every day, as she is both a lawyer by trade and also a phenomenal dancer. You can find her on Amorgos where she runs the island's legal offices by day and teaches movement to kids by night.

Conny & Phillip

Tent Team

Conny & Philip are our tent team duo.  Both half Greek-half German hybrids, when these 2 guys come together they do the work of 10.  They carry, build, secure and dismantle our tents at each event with a sense of precision & efficiency that only Germans could embody.  But they make jokes and smoke with a vigor that only Greeks can exude.  To call them handy men would be an understatement.  We are always amused and intrigued when they arrive for set up with a car full of laser beam levelers, drills, tool boxes, folding ladders and homemade sandwiches.  In short, they are irreplaceable.

Dimitris Arnaoutoglou

Soundwaves | Sound Engineer

Dimitris is our go-to-guy for anything light or sound related.  From speakers, to light garlands to 500 meter cables, this guy comes ready to each and every Meet Market set up.  Armed with years of experience from the business he started over a decade ago called, there's nothing he can't help us with.  After many markets together, he has become part of our freelance family.  But he also has a beautiful biological family of his own to boast, and his ever-so-gorgeous daughter Sofia, who sooner than later, will hopefully learn the ropes and take over.

Marina Sakellariou

OG Communications Coordinator

Marina came onto the Meet Market scene in 2015, and for 8 years straight, this media maiden and PR provocateur took our brand and launched it into the social stratosphere, growing our online presence and followers exponentially. Not just a pretty face, Marina is a multi-tasker like no other, and although she no longer works at our head-quarters, her contribution to our family is forever lasting. Random fact about Marina - she does a perfect wing tip eyeliner.

Want to be part of our team?

We work hard, and we do it because we love it. To put it simply, if you’re passionate, innovative and creative, we want to hear from you.