Hellenic Chilldren’s Museum

Hellenic Chilldren’s Museum

… I hear and forget. I see and I remember. I Do and Understand …

The Hellenic Children’s Museum is a museum specially designed to serve the needs and abilities of both children and parents and teachers who contribute to their development. It is based on theories on how the child learns and develops more effectively. Research shows that learning is more effective when it is based on active participation and experience with objects.

At the Children’s Museum the kids can see, think, explore, play, experiment and create.

Educational programs and exhibits are designed by dedicated scientists and contribute to the development of the child, encouraging critical thinking, initiative, creativity and autonomy.

The mission

The Children’s Museum of Athens is there to support children and families to understand and enjoy the world they live in and make lifelong learning their lifestyle.

The Athens Children’s Museum wants to be a hospitable and safe place of inspiration, focusing on the child, promoting the individualized learning, creativity, acceptance and respect for the other, and contributing to the intellectual and mental development of future active citizens.

The Meet Market collaborated for the first time with the Hellenic Children’s Museum in May 2018 at The Meet Market at the Athens Conservatoire.