16/12 - 17/12/2017

XMAS at The Athens Conservatoire & NYE at six d.o.g.s.

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16/12 - 17/12/2017

XMAS at The Athens Conservatoire & NYE at six d.o.g.s.

The Christmas Meet Market – Athens Conservatoire – Ω2 Exhibition Space

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17, December 2017

17-19 Leoforos Vasileos Georgiou B’ & Rigillis, Athens 106 74

13:00 – 23:00 each day

It’s been 10 years since the Meet Market began in December 2017.  Since then, a lot has changed…we have grown in number of both visitors and participants alike, diversified our designers and producers, expanded our collaborations, and explored many venues … but our core philosophy remains the same… Keep it local, support the independents!  That’s why this holiday season, we are doing something fresh and also following tradition, by hosting 2 Meet Markets – one somewhere new and the other, somewhere classic.

Join us this Christmas, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 December, as we head to the Athens Conservatoire for the very first time, to their fantastic underground Ω2 exhibition space.  We will be taking over this classic, super central Athenian landmark, and filling it up with 99 stalls of the locally made and the independently produced.  Whether it’s Christmas presents your looking for, something to do with your friends & family, or just an interesting stroll, make sure you join us for a weekend of market meets party, dj sets, interactive games, theatre & workshops for kids, storytelling, warm glühwein and overall holiday yuletide festivities!


Hand-Designer Clothes:
275thAthens, Crochelle, e-outfit, Hybrid Modules, Inky, Joanna Misseli, KOnDe, MaL-Le by A.Maleviti, MN Fashion, Muzitee, OR Handmade, Otkutur, Penny Christidi, Razzmatazz, Teever, Xana, Υφαντουργήματα Handwoven by T

Kids, Games, Toys & Pets:
Aekiniton, Antalou, Helado Derretido, Lemon Dreamz, Moonchild, Paradise Waterfalls, sockool, Teepees & Crafties, Things to Love, To Dentro, Το μυστικό του Αϊ-Βασίλη” της Αλίκης Γιαννάκη, Vintage Lovers

Shoes, Bags & Accessories:
Angela Rapti, Καλά Μπλεξίματα , Kannabishop, e-soho shop, Fabrika + Sonja Blum, Momo Little Things, Myrto Arvaniti, Naga Lab, Projectaki, QueenbeeCR, Say Something Lab, Sotiria’s Collection, the pinqueen, tiramisu, To Baloma, η singer στη στεγη

Alanima, Αλέξης Παπαχατζής, art.7702, Blue Margarita, Desperate Artists, Ilianne – Jewelry Made of Love, Just for You by Eleni Tsap, Mikrama, Mother Nature Jewels, MPAF Design, Natassa Mantzari, Ouph, One Tool Three, Staf n loi, Treasure Box by Annita, Topology, zdrop

Vintage & Retro:
The Magic Bus, Trash Vintage Clothing, Vaso Voulgari

Mind, Body & Soul:
Aπό το συρτάρι της γιαγιάς, Apis Fabricca, Bemyflower, bee naturalles, Ελαιώνας Του Ήλιου, Καλλίδρομο – μέλι / βότανα / κεραλοιφές, La Soiree de Votanique, Pestemal, Sapoon, Soap Plaza, Soaping Therapy, SPAROZA, Worksoap

Art, Books, Photography & Prints:
Beauty Diaries, Birds & Lofts, DCartworks, Inlenso Photography, Little Rocks, Sous Sol, The Greener Pastures, Tο ψαρόνι, Vintage Trip

Objects, Records, Furniture & Home Deco:
30G, Atermono, Filanthi’s Florist, Georgia Parathyra, kokoko ceramics, Made by Tifi, Marco Knots, Maresea, pots &plants by b2mt, Think Pig

Tasting Corner:
ΑΝΕΛΙΞΙΣ, Aroma Melissas, Αγρός – Ανδρέα Δ. Κουτσούμπα, Choco me, Chocolart, Gourmet Life, Holy Ginger, LQ Bar, Malotira Deli, Melissafarm, Παστέλι Κέας, Spora Natural, Το Δισάκι Φυστικοβούτυρο, Troo//Food//Liberation, White Blue Products

cd mixes from our djs, pins, posters, magnets, keychains, grand prize basket raffle and more!!!… and stay tuned for the Happy-Holiday-Heavenly-Gift-Box giveaway competition on facebook, with a value of 250 euros!



13:00 – 15:00: Afrogirl
15:00 – 17:00: Pipi Dee
17:00 – 19:00: Αγγελική Καλλά
19:00 – 21:00: Σοβαρός Πιγκουίνος
21:00 – 23:00: Bwana
13:00 – 15:00: SantonerRPZ
15:00 – 17:00: Uncle Neck
17:00 – 19:00: Palov
19:00 – 21:00: J. Melik
21:00 – 23:00: A@H20



“Fairytales and Christmas Carols for the 12 days of Christmas”
Saturday 16/12, 16.00-17.00
Every year in December, the calipers leave their saws and come to land of humans to tease and make their mischief. Every December the night grows and the day gets smaller. Each winter we gather round to hear stories and stay warm. Come to hear fairy tales for dark nights, that warm our hearts at the beginning of winter. Come to celebrate the traditional carols from all over Greece!
Narration: Taxiarchis Beligiannis
Music: Korina Gavala


“Yοga for Happy Kids”
Saturday 16/12, 17.00-17.45 (4-6 years old) & 18.00-18.50 (7-11 years old)
“Yoga for Happy Kids” is a method of alternative exercise created by yoga instructor and professor of physical education & athletics, Ariadne Economides. It is based on childrens’ body structure and cognitive development.  The main purpose of this method is to bring out the uniqueness of each child through a fun and safe self-pursuance. It includes entertaining exercises (asanas) and interactive games according to each age group. The kids who choose Yoga for Happy Kids learn and grow with respect and love for themselves, and towards others, while they boost their confidence feeling more and more…happy kids every day!

Imaginary Rooms
Doodling & Graffiti Workshop
Sunday 17/12, 15.00-18.00 (7-12 years old)
With magic markers from the North Pole, giant paper & plenty of spontaneity we learn what a creative mistake is, we explore the limits of our creativity and we learn all about character design. At the same time graffiti leprechauns, artist reindeers, creative pollar bears & snowmen will be appear among us and in our compositions

Small Doodles Workshop 4 fun
Sunday 17/12, 15.00-18.00 (4-6 years old)
A parallel activity where our tiny little friends will have the opportunity to create doodles with Imaginary Rooms in a way only a child’s innocence can.

“Two cuddling stars” – an interactive Christmas kids play
By Don Quixotes Theatre Team
Sunday 17/12, 18.00-19.00
Two little leprechauns have grown up far away from Christmas. The old Owl decides to tell them the truth. In order to find Christmas they have to find the shining star. But what will happen if the star is not one but two…wound together. Is it easy to follow the path? How do obstacles transform into lessons? Is there only one way to reach your destination?


The NYE Meet Market – six d.o.g.s.
Sunday 31 December 2017
Avramiotou 6-8, Monastiraki 10551
12:00 – 19:00

And keeping with tradition, after our Christmas Meet Market, its time for our NYE Edition Meet Market!  Join us for part 2 of our holiday bonanza at our familiar venue of six d.o.g.s., with a completely different lineup of 30+ designers, creators, and small scale businesses.
As always, we’ll be cozying up all available spaces, from the gig room to the gallery to the bar to the foyer, with plenty of free prezies at the central tameio, while our favorite djs play tunes to keep the vibe festive all day long!
Merry Christmas & Happy new year to all!

Clothes & Accessories:
{flu:k} Handmade Artbits by Smaro Botsa, LK Kotur, Mamadoo, Mamuka – handmade with love

Ακατέργαστο, Buho Crafts, Clockwork Rebels, Crispy Kaos, La Lupa Designs, Madamoiselle, Penny’s crafts, Sol*ful, Terejou, Xoutou Creations, Zeta

Art, Prints & Home Deco
Ancient Premium Pics, Coocoovaya, Jazz Illusions, Katerina Kostaki, Lucky Elephant, Marble Lab

Mind, Body,Soul & Beats
Althemis Store Quality Herbal Products, KannaBio, ΣΥΝΦΥΤΟ, To Diskadiko

Toys & Christmas Ornaments:
Heliofos, Macaw Kid, YAZ


12:00 – 13:00: Mix Master Setup
13:00 – 15:00: Santoner RPZ
15:00 – 17:00: J.Melik
17:00 – 19:00: A@H20

The Meet Market: A 2-part holiday celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit… A nomadic market place of local goods, fresh ideas and friendly folk. An audio-visual jigsaw of handmade & independently designed clothes, accessories, art, objects, organic body products, home ware, tasty food, vintage & retro collectables, records, interactive games, free prizes, dj sets and good vibes!