Our mission is to meet, and then to market.

We are here to

CREATE a contemporary design market in Athens

CELEBRATE local creativity & entrepreneurship

SUPPORT small scale, independent businesses by providing creative ways for them to share and sell their products

CONNECT creators and appreciators/consumers through a local, alternative economy by establishing a direct connection between them

EXPLORE various venues in Athens (and beyond), highlighting their unique charm

EXCHANGE ideas, opinions, skills, knowledge, stories, music, attitudes and tangible goods, always with respect and without fanaticism

INVITE all ages and types of people to join us in a colorful, musical and child & pet friendly environment

ORGANIZE free parallel events alongside The Market Market, including interactive games and theater for kids, workshops, seminars, dance classes, stand-up comedy, album releases, exhibitions, live concerts and more…

GIVE something to everyone. Even without a penny in your pocket, you can come to the Meet Market and leave with a lil’ something from the central TMM information point… we have gifts of pins, cds, posters, raffle for our grand prize and a lot more at every market

THRIVE not just survive. We aim to arm participants with confidence in their work, the skills to promote themselves professionally, and the belief that if they keep working and evolving, they can succeed despite these times of crisis.

The Meet Market exists because of a surplus of impressive ideas, initiatives and efforts that are all around us. Essentially, what we strive to do is celebrate this abundance of entrepreneurship, and reinforce the idea that we can sustain ourselves through alternative, independent pursuits.