Alison Damianou

Creative Director

Al= is the mother-hen of the Meet Market .  Yes, she laid an idea-egg that hatched lots of little chics with stands selling locally made goods, back in 2007 when she moved home to Greece, after years of vending at markets in London and San Francisco.  A Greek-American-English hybrid, Alison fell in love with the vibrant, anarchic, ancient scene of Athens and decided to commit to living & working in Greece, though after 8 years, she has still not learned to write emails in Greek.

Yiannis Melikoglou

Production Engineer

J. Melik sets the scene at each and every Meet Market.  All the lights and sound, speakers and cables, multi-plugs and extension cords, light bulbs and turn tables, are because of him and his passion for anything electrical.  A true modern-day Renaissance man, Melik dibbles and dabbles in a multitude of part time professions when his not circuit boarding the Meet Market, including djing, vinly pressing, Beat Quick, Pad Trio and running a perfectly panoramic bar-gallery called Monolithos in Anafi, the epic & tiny island where he is from.

Marina Sakellariou

Media & Communication

Media maiden and pr provocateur, Marina is in charge of our press and marketing department. From facebook, to twitter to instagram, she keeps the Meet Market connected to the social stratosphere, while also writing press releases, composing excel spread sheets, formulating presentations, performing translations, and making each and every little pin we give away at the Markets. She’s both behind-the-scenes at the office headquarters doing a bit of everything, and live-and-direct at the Meet Markets, also doing a bit of everything. FYI: She’s a pro at doing the perfect wing tip with eyeliner.

Neck Athans

Production Crew

Always energetic, always charismatic and always interactive, Nektarios has a face and personality that can’t be forgotten.  During the Meet Markets, you can find him literally anywhere and everywhere – whether that be on the top of a ladder fixing our banners, behind the decks, on the ground lying electrical tape to make sure all is safe, or at the central cash point where is most certainly going to grab your attention and ask you to play our interactive game.  With him on the team, there is never a dull moment.


Jonas Lehec

Graphic Design

Jonas is the man with the aesthetic plan for the Meet Market.  All our beautiful posters, website design and awesome logo is because of him.  Half french-half Greek, Jonas is both exceptionally tall and exceptionally kind, with very healthy eating habits, indulging nutritious breakfasts of bee-pollen and sprouted seeds.

Gregory Thanopoulos


As you surf through our galleries of people, places and products, you may stop and wonder who takes all these amazing photos.  Well, its none other than Gregory, who has literally taken hundreds of thousands of pictures over the years, which we have then had the hard task of selecting just a few to share.  With his unique angle, Gregoris always manages to capture the right light, and inspire people to show us their pearly whites!

Thanos Papadopoulos


Our newest freelancer in the team and father of twins, Thanos is incredibly good at mulit-tasking and making people pose.  We asked him to write something about himself and this is what he came up with: “Thanos Padadopoulos, otherwise known as the omniscient man, is a unique case in history of contemporary photography and physics.  After some experiments with quantum theory, Thanos managed to locate and communicate with his multiple selves in various parallel universes.  This resulted in his ability to take photographs without a camera, because all other Thanos’ were already photographing all moments at all times.”


Olympia Christoforidou

Media & Communication

Social media master and rubber guru, Olybia (aka Bibi King) has played a big role in developing the Meet Market over the last few years, including writing hundreds of translations, press releases, presentations, media relations and the majority of the Greek text on this site.  Her most noteworthy characteristic however, is her sense of humour and her amazing ability to turn old truck tires into fashionable accessories.  Bibi is a pisces, loves to travel with many, many, many small bags and has a delightful little dog named Norma.

Antonis Katrakazis


When it comes to moving images, we go to this guy right here. Most of our beautiful videos that you find in our gallery section and youtube account are his kinetic creations. He films, he edits, he djs and he rides a bicycle… even all at once!  Antonis also has 2 of the most beautiful, turquoise eyes you’ve ever seen, and uses them for art directing and hypnosis.

Alexandre Tsipouridis & Ilsa Quéret


Both equally charming, equally international and equally multi-tasking, Alexandre and Ilsa are also equally talented photographers and each in their own right.  When they are not translating texts, teaching foreign languages, raising their ever-so-fantastic son Leo or hustling their art (Alexandre here and Ilsa here), they find the time and energy to do some freelance photos for the Meet Market.  In fact, most of the more artistic photos you may find on this site, are from them – either as a collaborative process or an individual project.


George Garavellos


Oh so friendly, oh so tattooed, and oh so tall, our lovely George (aka Santo) can be found at the central cash/info point of each & every market, or spinning records at the dj booth. We love him because can always count on him to make people feel at home, answer all questions with a smile, carry chairs, and stock us up with circle-money before the markets.

Katerina Galanopoulou

Legal Advisor

Both extremely stunning and extremely intelligent, Katerina is our beloved lawyer.  Indeed, its her nifty contracts and articles of associations that allow our company to operate according to the law. Katerina has a beautiful daughter and a pet snake, although they don’t often play together.