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Orders & shipping

General Information

In The Meet Market e-shop you can purchase a variety of products from different makers by placing just one order. It’s super simple. Browse the e-shop, add the products you like to your cart, and after you have finished shopping head to your Cart. There you will see all the products you selected categorized by Maker. In addition to the information and other possibilities given to you, you can decide to purchase from one Maker specifically or place an order for all the products you have selected, regardless of the Maker. Then fill in your address details and payment method and your order is complete!

For every purchase you place in the TMM e-shop, you will receive an informative e-mail to keep you up-to-date with the status of your order. More specifically:

Order confirmation: The first e-mail you will receive from TMM is a confirmation that we have received your order. This includes all the information you need to know about your order in general, such as the Order ID, date and overview. It also includes the details of each purchased product separately such as the products’ maker, photo, quantity, cost of shipping - as well as the final amount. You will also find the shipping information you have declared.
If there’s any further information you seek but cannot find, you can select "I need help" to be transferred to the Help Center, where we believe you’ll find the answers you are looking for. Otherwise, you can select "View order" and be taken to "Orders & Reviews" of your personal profile.

Order processing: This email is to let you know that the preparation of your order by the maker has started! If you have ordered multiple products from multiple makers then you will be informed about the progress of each one separately, by each maker.

Order shipping: This email is to let you know that your order has been packed and is on its way. Depending on the maker and type of shipping you have chosen, it might also have a tracking number. Bottom line is that it has been shipped and you will receive it soon!

Cancelled order:  If the maker needs to cancel your order for whatever reason, you'll be notified with an email, and you will not be charged for the cancelled order.  Feel free to contact the maker for any clarifications, if they haven't already informed you about the reasons your order was cancelled.

For any issues that may arise regarding your order, the Maker you purchased from is the right person to help you. If you need any clarification, changes or modifications to your order, we advise you get in touch directly through the option "Send a message to the Maker”, located in the Meet your Maker section of the maker’s storefront. 

This way, your issue can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently by going directly to the maker. In the event that the Maker's actions or response do not help you, you can contact TMM Support and we will do our best to sort out your issue!

The estimated delivery date is the approximate date you should receive your order. This date is the sum of the processing time the Maker has set for the product (the number of days it takes to make and prepare it for shipment) and the time it takes the shipping company to deliver it to you. For example: If a product's processing time is 2-4 business days and the shipping time is 2-3 business days, then the estimated delivery time is 4-7 business days. The estimated delivery time is shown on the "My Cart" page for each product individually, before you complete your order. We will also keep you up-to-date via email about the status of your order every step of the way.

Each Maker defines the various kind of shipping they offer, so we recommend that you first take a look at the policies of the store and the shipping choices available for each product. If Maker has more than one shipping option (example, Standard and Express), these are displayed on the "My Cart" page along with the corresponding charge for each. In this case, you will be able to choose your preferred shipping method from the list which appears among other useful information below the product photo. (Please note that the Maker is not required to have multiple shipping options, so there may not be an alternative to the default).

If your order contains products from different Makers, then each of them will offer their own shipping options and costs for their products.

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges:

The terms and conditions for returning, exchanging and refunding products differ for each Maker and are displayed on the storefronts of each maker in their store's Policies section, and on the individual product listings of each maker. We recommend that you read the policies carefully before proceeding with an order or return. If you need any further clarification, you can always send a message to Maker directly, as they are the most suitable person to help you.

You can message the Maker by visiting their store front, which is accessible directly from each of your order.

The processing, packaging and shipping of orders is also the sole responsibility of each Maker. In case there is a problem with the order you received, you should contact the maker directly by sending them a message with as many details as possible so that they can give you the best solution.

Read more about your EU customer rights here.

If Maker's help wasn't enough, you can always contact TMM Support and we will be happy to help.


Cancelling an Order:

In order to cancel an order, you must get in touch with the maker as soon as possible and ideally before they dispatch their order to you. You can message the Maker by visiting their store front, which is accessible directly from each of your order. If Maker's help wasn't enough, you can always contact TMM Support.

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