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THE NORM / The brand
The Norm is a Greek brand, founded by Daphne Deligianni in 2022.
We are a fresh, gender-inclusive brand with original handmade prints. Textile design is our passion, and color plays a major part in our lives. Colors influence us on different levels. All the prints are designed from scratch and are 100% original. We draw inspiration from art, culture and nature.

The Norm, as a brand, represents everything out of the binary. Our aim is to be part of a new era where everyone is free to make their own choices. We stand for authenticity and the need for acceptance, now more than ever. We create gender-inclusive clothing and combining maximalism through our prints and minimalism through the garments designs. Our prints are always bold and playful with the intention of making the individuals who decide to wear them stand out (of the norm).
THE NORM /Ethics
Our production is local- from the designing process to the final items all are made in Greece. We support small, local businesses and we print our own designs in order to have the control over the quantities and resources. We also care about the environment by producing small quantities, so there will be no fabric or product stock. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and most of our garments are made from natural or recyclable fibers.

International Shipping: No

Returns accepted: No

Designed for your inner self

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