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Past event

The Meet Market XMAS at Athinais Cultural Center

Past event

The Meet Market XMAS at Athinais Cultural Center

Ground Floor & 1st Floor
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 December, 2016
13:00 – 23:00 each day
Kastorias 34-36, Votanikos 10447

Letter M
Letter M

Too many reasons to celebrate!

Every Christmas, the Meet Market gets into an ultra good mood. Firstly, because it marks our anniversary, and this year makes it 9 years since our very first Meet Market at k44 in 2007. Secondly, because our Christmas edition truly is something extraordinary, and all our participants go the extra mile to produce beautiful goodies for buying! 


A little bit of christmas shopping..

Join us for some holiday browsing from over 100 stands of creations and innovations from local designers, artists, producers and collectors. Try something for yourself and buy something for your loved ones.

Let's mingle & be merry

Letter M
Letter M

Can't wait to see you!

Get ready for yuletide festivities, non-stop djs sets, and plenty of fuzzy feelings – the kind you get from seeing familiar faces and drinking a little too much gluwein.

Prizes, activites & good vibes!

Αlongside the Meet Market, we will also be hosting plenty of free parallel activities for both kids and grownups alike in the Music Theatre (make sure you check the lineup below)… and of course, as in every market, there will be plenty of gifts and goodies to win at the central cash point.

Maker Lineup


Kids Activities

Kids Activities


Saturday | 13.00-15.00

What a catastrophe!! It’s Christmas in a few days and the Christmas cake has disappeared from the village bakery. What has happened?
Attention: All the villagers will meet to find a solution and perhaps … to discover new recipes.
Yummm… it already smells festive!

Tales and carols of winter

Tales and carols of winter

Saturday | 15.00-15.45

Every year in December the goblins leave their axes behind and come into the world to tease and trick people. Each December the night grows longer as the day diminishes. Every winter the tales we tell warm our hearts. Come and join us for some elves storytelling and let’s welcome the holidays with traditional carols from all over Greece!

The Princess & the Pea

The Princess & the Pea

Saturday | 16.30-18.00

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess. Although he searched all around the world for her, she was nowhere to be found and so he returned to his palace. One stormy night there was a mysterious knock on the palace door.  The maid opened the door to find a girl, soaking wet from the rain! The young prince took her to the Queen and the girl said that she was a princess. In order to learn if indeed she was a princess as she claimed, the Queen instructed that the girl should sleep in bed with 20 mattress layers and a pea placed underneath all of them. The next morning the Queen & Prince asked her how she slept.  Everyone anxiously awaited her answer.  The future of the prince’s heart depended on her response!  

Imaginary Rooms

Imaginary Rooms

Sunday | 13.00-14.30
Ages 7-12 years old

Doodling Workshop: With 3 unique tools – a black marker pen, paper and our spontaneity – we learn where our creative ‘mistakes’ can lead us, we explore the limits of our imagination and we discover ‘character design’.

Sunday | 14.30-16.00
Ages 7-12 years old

Graffiti Workshop: How many preliminary drafts should a graffiti artist prepare before he starts painting a wall? Basic graffiti typography for children who know that art, game and education are synonyms.


Face painting

Face painting

Sunday | 14.00-18.00

Face-painting by «Retro Theatre» team

Dj Lineup

View our DJs
DJ 1
SATURDAY 17/12/2016
13:00 – 15:00 Disco Juice
15:00 – 17:00 House of Baum
17:00 – 19:00 Afrogirl
19:00 – 21:00 Σοβαρός Πιγκουίνος
21:00 – 23:00 Soulnek
DJ 1
SUNDAY 18/12/2016
13:00 – 15:00 Mete Paravich
15:00 – 17:00 Meletis
17:00 – 19:00 Santoner RPZ
19:00 – 21:00 J. Melik
21:00 – 23:00 Trelandjas Mixer

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