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Become a maker

General Information

If the idea of being one of the TMM e-shop Makers sounds tempting to you, but are you still thinking about it, here are 3+1 reasons to send your application today!

1. Reach the right audience: Our platform is aimed at those who appreciate the unique and handmade. Whether online or at our events, one thing is certain, that our customers are looking for unique products, like yours!

2. Join a community: Network with other small, independent and creative initiatives like yours - both online and at our events. From tips & tricks to branding advice, you can exchange ideas, share, learn and be inspired by like-minded people.

3. Express yourself freely: We want to get to know you and your products and learn your story. Come curate your own storefront at one of our events or personalize your online shop to present your unique identity.

4. Get exposure: The Meet Market has been steadily growing for the past 16 years.  With over 30,000 visitors coming to our most recent events, we can help all sorts of new potential buyers learn about you.  Our platform is here to support you, because ultimately, we are supporting each other.  Each new talented maker helps build the reputation of the Meet Market, which in turn helps give exposure to each additional talented maker. 

Before applying to become a maker on our Meet Market e-shop, make sure you have a legally registered company for either wholesale or retail.

Then, head on over to our become a maker page and fill out an e-shop application form, completing out all the necessary fields. Tell us a bit about yourself and include some links to your website or social media, or upload some photos of your work.

(Please note that in order to send us a e-shop application form, you’ll need to have created a personal account. Don’t worry, its quick and easy. For more information about creating a personal account, check here.)

Once you have submitted your e-shop application form, please allow us a few days to get back to you.  In the meantime, we'll be having a closer look at your form.  The Meet Market has a committee that selects all work coming into the e-shop. 

Selection is based upon:
Originality - We love to see work with a unique aesthetic, concept, story, technique, ethos, branding, packaging, audience or web/social media presence... and so do our customers.

Variety - We strive to have a big variety of products from each category at the Meet Market events from all our categories.  Please be aware that the more popular categories (jewelry, for example) are more competitive and tend to fill up faster.

Quality - not quantity. You can find anything and everything on the internet. Our goal is to streamline and filter the makers & products that are available on the Meet Market e-shop, ensuring a top-quality selection for our visitors.

Once our committee has made a decision, we'll get back to you.

If it's a YES:) then you’ll hear back to us via an e-mail with a link to your new curatable shop on The Meet Market platform. There you can upload your legal documents, customize your storefront, share your brand’s story, upload your products and connect with like-minded makers and an appreciating audience.

If it's a NO:( then you’ll hear back from us too. Unfortunately, we disappoint people by rejecting their work. Please don’t take it personally. Feel free to try again after some time, if you feel you have something new to show us and still want to join the Meet Market online community.

We want to make our relationship with you as an online maker as supportive, uncomplicated and transparent as possible... so we are keeping it super simple.  Once a maker is approved by our team, creating a storefront and uploading up to 20 products is completely free. Υou only pay something when you sell something. The Meet Market's commission is a flat fee of 15% of your sale.  That's it. No hidden fees or unexpected costs. 

Your sales are processed by Everypay and Paypal.  To learn more about the breakdown of your sales, commissions and any other financial inquiries, check out the Finances section of our Help Center and our Maker's Policy.

Welcome to our Help Center!

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